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Children's electric walking toy


If you want to amaze your child then we encourage you to try giving this distinctive and impressive electric walking light barking toy to your child. This electric toy is bright in color with a slick look that provokes modernism.

Additionally, the battery being used in this electric toy is promising and heavy-duty.

Lustrous look,this electric toy comes with a charming and glamorous design that looks fantastic. Moreover, the striking design makes this toy stand apart from the other toys. The shine in the eyes and the bold nose of the dog evokes loveable vibes.

Promising material, this electric toy is crafted with a stiff and sturdy material that provides a long term relationship with this toy because of its longevity.

 Dazzling package, the packaging design of this electric toy is stylish and classy along with the good looking typography. Moreover, the different color usages add a more pleasant vibe to it.



  • This electronic toy is less in weight with maximum durability.
  • The electronic toy has an admirable and cute looking design.
  • This electronic toy will be the best choice for your child.
  • The electronic toy is a suitable present for your friend's child on her birthday.