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New Literary Embroidery Ramie T-shirt


Enjoy endless comfort and relaxation by wearing this new literary embroidery T-shirt. The style and outlook of this shirt are loose and classy.

Furthermore, this shirt is perfect to wear casually while wailing or doing any routine thing.

Embroidery style,this shirt comes with a beautiful and contrasting embroidery style that looks appealing and attractive. Additionally, the embroidery is done in a specific pattern that looks cool and dashing.

Reliable material, this shirt is made with high-quality cotton that lasts longer than any of the typical cloth. Furthermore, the ramie material is also blended with wool to make this shirt more strong and durable.

Lantern sleeves, this shirt comes with pretty and approachable lantern sleeves that look so astonishing. Moreover, this sleeve flares from top to elbow and then elbow to wrist creating an attractive and interesting style.

Suitability, this shirt is the perfect choice to wear casually. Furthermore, wearing this shirt with trousers or any loose jeans creates an adorable and classy look.


  • This shirt is loose in nature with a comfortable experience.
  • This shirt comes with a dazzling embroidery pattern.
  • The sleeves of this shirt make it more prominent and stylish.
  • This shirt is made with sustainable material with a rich color theme.