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Acrylic plate geometric earrings


The acrylic plate geometric earrings are crafted beautifully for ladies who want to try something new. These earrings are more stylish than all other earrings because of their vintage design. If you want to standout out then these earrings will perform this duty.

✔Eco friendly,these earrings are made with acrylic material that is synthetic and nature friendly. Moreover, the material can be used for a long time and that makes it even more useful.

✔Raw design,although the earrings are made with plastic the color of these earrings is vintage and raw that provokes an organic feel. Moreover, the style of earrings provokes a vintage and retro feel

✔Grab attention,these earrings are classy with the rough and tough design that makes them completely dominant and prominent which results in the attention of everybody

✔Stiff nature,as the earrings are made with acrylic material that is the toughest type of plastic that makes it even more durable and sustainable.


  • These earrings are solid and rugged
  • These earrings can be an ideal present for your friend
  • These earrings are suitable for different functions
  • These earrings are made with material that is nature friendly and made with harmless material.
  • These earrings are more likely to wear if you love winter style