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Adjustable flat expansion bracket


 The adjustable flat expansion bracket uses a magnetic design that will firmly adsorb the phone next to the laptop or monitor. Not hinder the screen display, you'll use it while studying, working, watching movies, gaming, or doing a live stream.

In simple words, this expansion bracket helps you out in dealing with multiple screens at a time.

✔Easy to perform multiple tasks, you'll easily perform multiple tasks between phone and laptop without learning the phone. Easily view text messages or answer calls at work.

✔Strong magnetism, it can firmly adsorb the mobile next to the laptop or display. it's very simple to put in, carry, and use.

✔For more usage scenarios, you'll also use it as a headphone hanger to eliminate desk clutter. At work, real-time recording and recording of call video, etc.


  •  Beside your monitor, you'll see your phone screen which makes your job easier. 
  • It is convenient and efficient to use the expansion bracket for paperwork.
  • You can adjust the angle of this expansion bracket.
  • This bracket is made of high-quality material.
  • Ergonomic design adjustable flat expansion bracket.