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Double-layer Pearl Necklace For Women


This double layer pearl necklace is dazzling and adorable with its classic look. Moreover, the design is purely retro with diversified nature. You can wear this with different apparel of your choice. 

Shortly, it's the best choice for those who are looking for something classical yet luxurious.  

Stiff pearl, this necklace is crafted with a double layer shiny pearl that looks so amazing. Furthermore, the double layer pearl provokes a vintage style. The pearl is sturdy and hard.

Stacked design, the overall design of this necklace is arranged. Moreover, the chain is customized care with a stacked pattern. This makes the necklace style more appealing to the viewer's eye.

Ancient lovers, the necklace is designed for those who still want to wear ancients tone apparel in this modern era. Additionally, this necklace is apart from generic necklaces with its intensive outlook.

Purely qualified, this necklace is made with high-grade material along with durability and sustainability Moreover, it also has a smooth and shiny surface that looks classy and glossy.



  • This necklace is crafted on ancient tone design
  • This necklace has dual chains stacked with each other and provides a stable and comfortable experience for your neck
  • This necklace is the perfect gift for the one who loves to collect ancient jewelry
  • This necklace is not so heavy to create any hassle during wear