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Baby Short-Sleeved T-Shirt

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It’s a psychology of children to attract cute and charming designs. We have designed these shirts with a sleek and suitable look to make your baby get used-too to it in a very short time.

Furthermore, these shirts are matchable with almost all types of clothes to give a unique look to your child.

Dainty design,these shirts come with an alluring and childish design that will make your child more beautiful and pretty. Moreover, these shirts are only designed to provide a remarkable look to your baby. The multiple designs on different shirts also look superior and outstanding.

Reliable shoulders, these shirts come with small buttons on the shoulder that makes them more suitable and reliable. These buttons help in wearing and removing the shirt of your child. Additionally, the neck is also broad to provide your baby even more comfort.

Loose and stretched, these shirts have a stretched design along with a broad style that not only looks satisfying but also provides comfort and freedom.



  • The interior surface of these shirts is snug and calm.
  • These shirts are suitable for your child to wear in the summer or hot season.
  • These shirts have cute embroidered designs on them that look distinctive.
  • These shirts are less in weight and provides maximum support and sustainability.