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Colorful Polygon Sunglasses

Lens color
Bright black and red mercury
Powder frame powder mercury
Bright black and white mercury
Bright black and blue mercury
Transparent silver powder
Bright black ash
Bright black purple Silver

The colorful sunglasses are designed only for you to look more attractive and magnificent.

If you want to enjoy a beautiful life as per fashion then you have found a way of enjoying, as these magnificent glasses are for you.

Polygon design,these outclass trendy fashioned glasses are a perfect choice for those who want to look dashing and adorable. You can wear these glasses at parties, gatherings as well as in fashion hubs.

100% polarized,these glasses are 100% polarized are manufactured in a way that you can easily wear them in sunlight and you can protect yourself from UV radiation. Moreover, these glasses will also protect you from eye bites.

Attractive colours,these polygon retro frame glasses are made from metal and are light in weight. You can match them with your brilliant outfits.


  • These sunglasses are light in weight and handy.
  • These glasses are UV resistant and also protect you from sudden glares.
  • You will get worthy remarks from your family, friend, and relatives on wearing these glasses.
These glasses will make you feel comfortable