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Contrast embossed zipper handbags

Light Gray

For design lovers and fashion seekers, we are especially introducing an entirely different purse.

This contrast embossed zipper handbags tassel high-grade soft leather wallet is distinctive and fashionable. The wallet is made with high-quality material that is soft and durable. The beautiful pattern on this bag with contrasting colors will force you to try out this at least once in a lifetime.

 Unique design, unlike typical wallets this bag is revolutionary in its design with multiple features that amazed everyone to pay heed to it.

Embossed pattern, the seamless embossed pattern on this bag makes it even more unique and special in design. This pattern boosts the beauty and looks of this purse.

New style zip, this purse comes with a high-quality zipper with easy opening and closing of the bag. Moreover,  the zip is not as simple as you think it’s very decorative with a heart design chain along with it.

 High-grade soft leather, this bag is purely made with leather that has for endurable effect. Moreover, the leather is not so rigid as usual leather; it’s soft and comfortable.


  • This purse is suitable to carry your valuable things
  • This purse has a decorative zip with a heart design chain.
  • This purse is made with high-quality leather material that is soft and endurable.
  • This purse has a unique embossed effect that makes it more appealing to the viewers’ eyes.