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Cotton Sweatpants With Loose Bunched Feet

Dark Grey
Light Grey

The cotton sweatpants are inspired with silken and chic style. These pants are the perfect choice for those who don’t like narrower and denim jeans.

Furthermore, the pants come with two pockets in which you can carry your accessories. 

Ellipsed design, the overall design of these pants is promising and attractive. Moreover, the pants shape is more likely in an oval shape that looks so sleek and charming.

Bunched feet design, these pants have a slim and smart opening from the ankle that makes it more elastic and adjustable. Moreover, the compact ending will easily adhere to your ankle and provides a comfy experience.

Springy waist, these pants have drawstring to provide you a good and adaptable grip. Furthermore, the waist of these pants is enough elastic to be gripped easily.

Best for exercise, these pants with their overall style and design are perfect for those who are more attached to exercises. Furthermore, the pants are light in weight to provide ease while wearing.


  • These pants are furnished with proactive and smart style
  • These pants has promising material being used
  • These pants have pockets that can carry your accessories.
  • These pants are suitable to wear casually with sneakers.