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Creative Handmade Pendant Jewelry

Agate flower

This pendant is ideal for those who like raw and ornamental designs. The necklace is purely handmade with outstanding skills. The flexible cord also makes it friendlier.

In short, if you like styles that evoke fanciness and prettiness then this is the best choice for you.

Garnishing style, this pendant comes with a beautiful and enhancing round and rigid stud that looks appealing. Moreover, the small shiny beads attach to the stud make it more decorative and fancy.

Made with love, this pendant is purely and originally crafted with hands without any machine technology. Moreover, the handy thing evokes pure love and respect that forces everyone to buy this necklace.

Smooth cord, this pendant comes with a thick and flexible cord that makes it easy to wear and relieves any burden on your neck.

Non-aggressive, as the pendant is completely handmade so it doesn’t make your skin infected or articulated with its material.


  • This pendant is raw and decorative with its organic design
  • This pendant is a perfect present for a nature lover lady
  • This pendant is environment-friendly and skin-friendly
  • This pendant is easy to wear for a long time