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Explosion style women's woolen coat


Not everyone likes shiny and glowy designs, some have a simplistic choice of clothes. For those women, we are introducing an explosion style woolen coat that is minimal and sleek. 

Moreover, this coat is highly durable and flexible that will perfectly match your body.

Clean and plain design, unlike all busy design coats, this coat is mild and sophisticated in design. Moreover, the coat is perfectly memorable and remarkable because of its minimalist style.

Mono-tone, this coat comes with a splendid and bold loo. Additionally, the coat has only a single color tone that makes it more appealing and approachable.

Mid-length,this coat is neither so long nor so short but retains its position in between. Moreover, the mid-length of this coat will make it easy for you to walk and run without being fall out.

Cushy and intimate, this coat is made with a high-grade soft and snug material that provides endless comfort and relaxation. Moreover, the woolen material will also cover and save your body from cold.


  • This coat is uncommon, plain, and straightforward.
  • This coat is crafted with a cozy and soft material.
  • The coat has stylish and big collars with reliable sleeves.
  • This coat is best to wear with different outfits and to create a perfect contrast.