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Female Mosaic Shoulder Bag


To look more appealing and up to date, it's necessary to carry a bag the perfect match your personality. For this female mosaic shoulder bag is an ideal choice. You don’t need any other thing to make your personality dashing and urban if you have this modish design bag.

Additionally, it has a bigger pocket to carry all the necessary things in one place.

Present time style, this bag has an exclusive design with spectacular vibes. It comes with the latest design to make your personality stand apart from others.

Decorative and eye catch staple, the foremost thing that makes this bag distinctive from others is its colorful staple. Moreover, this staple is with mixed embroidery colors to provoke an urban and stylish feeling.

Carry as much as you want, with outstanding design this bag also has a big and commodious pocket to carry multiple accessories in your pocket. Apart from that, you will also experience a safe and sound place for your multiple things.

solid material usage, this bag is made with high-quality leather material to give you an everlasting and enduring experience. It has more than an average bag life.


  • The decorative color boosts the good looking experience
  • This bag is made with high-quality leather material
  • This bag is endurable and long-lasting
  • This bag can be a perfect gift for your loved ones