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Five-piece Cotton Baby Clothing Set

Rose red
Watermelon red
Light cyan


Get rid of all the hassle and disruption of buying similar clothing for your child as we are providing a complete five-piece long-sleeved underwear. This clothing set is sophisticated and clean with an amazing look.

Additionally, the material of this clothing set will provide a reliable experience to your child.

Fancy pattern,the smooth pattern of this clothing set will provide an admirable and adorable look. Moreover, the pattern is calm and sleek to provide a smooth feel.

Skin-friendly, this clothing set will provide a sleek and comfortable feel to your child. Additionally, the material lets the fresh air pass from it to provide you energetic and dynamic vibes.

Ideal set, this set of clothing includes all things your child needs on a daily basis. Furthermore, the cardigan-style shirt and the pant will provide your child long-lasting and sustainable experience.


  • This clothing set has a perfect hood to save your child from multiple factors.
  • This clothing set is the perfect present for the birthday of your child.
  • The trouser with socks will provide a squishy and warm feel to your child.
  • This flawless lace of this clothing set provokes contrasting and pleasant vibes.