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Flamingo Bookmark


 As the bookmarks are supposed to make our work easier so here is a bookmark which is really light in weight and designed in flamingo structure.

It usually helps the reader to remind were to restart in a nice eye-catching way.

✔ As an organizer,flamingo bookmark proves to be a great organizer by keeping your information intact. It keeps your books organized in a natural ergonomic way.

✔ As a reminder,the flamingo bookmark reminds the reader and worker to restart the work from where he/she had left.

✔ Eye-catchy,these bookmarks are designed on the foundation of the flamingo structure, so they are eye-catching and nice looking.

✔ Lightweight,these flamingo bookmarks are lightweight in structure so they are easy to carry along with you and easy to use.


  • It has eye-catching look which makes user enjoyable to use it.
  • It is delicate in nature but has a strong grip.
  • It works as a reminder for the worker/reader.
  • It helps to retain the organization of books.