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Retro Square Colored Sunglasses

Green C37
Red C40
Gold C2
Grey C48
Blue C21
Light coffee C20
Sliver C13
Purple C67

The retro square colored sunglasses are modern and stylish. These glasses are well friendly with everyday life and outfit.

If you don’t want to wear big frame glasses then these retro square glasses will be the best option for you.

Rectangle Design,these glasses are designed in such a way that they do not cover the whole face. Additionally, along with swaggy and comfortable style, these glasses will add a new and bold look to your face. 

Modern,these glasses are made in the way that they look modern, fashionable and added elegance to your attitude.

Colorful lens,these glasses have a colorful lens and you can match them with your brilliant outfits. These glasses will enhance the beauty of your outfits and make your look more adorable.      


  • These glasses will make you look more trendy
  • These glasses are UV resistant.
  • These glasses are comfortable and on wearing them everyone will like them.