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Girls flying sleeve knitted sweater suit


If you’re looking for something totally new and trendy with a distinctive look then stop wondering and try this knitted sweater suit. Your baby girl will love her new and trendy style sweater.

Moreover, the vibrant and vigilant colors of this suit make it more serene and soothing.

Bow design, the soft and snug bow comes along with this suit that arrays admiring vibes. Moreover, the bow is attached to the neck firmly so that you will never experience any detachable experience ever. Additionally, the neck is also flexible for the easy wearing experience.

Short skirt, the short and pleated skirt of this suit looks so satisfying. Your child will look more stylish and fashionable by wearing this short skirt. Additionally, the skirt also looks like a frock design.

Fairy wings, the most fundamental and significant characteristic of this suit is the fairy wings that looks sumptuous and impressive. Moreover, these wings will provide an enthusiastic and courageous feel.


  • This suit is distinctive and unique because of its style.
  • The suit comes with matchable colors that provoke a decent look.
  • This suit is likely to wear in different seasons to spread lively vibes.
  • This suit provides a reliable and comfortable experience because of its cotton material.