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Girls' long-sleeved T-shirt

Green striped cat
Red Little Lover
Pink flowers
Yellow dots
Red pony
Blue bear
Black and white bear

These girl’s long-sleeved T-shirts are the most fitting and appropriate choice for your baby girl to look impressive and cute. These shirts are uncomplicated and modest in design with an absolute style.

Furthermore, the material being used in the customization of these shirts is made of assured quality to provide a safe experience to your baby girl.

Artistic designs,the different T-shirts have different designs that are appealing. Some come with character design, some are equipped with the pattern and others are attire with a typography style.

Shoulder with buttons, the left shoulder side of these shirts is furnished with small buttons that provide an easy and restful wearing experience. Moreover, the buttons are small with sturdy nature to provide long-term workability.

Ablest for casual wear, these shirts are suitable to wear in different seasons. Ideally, these shirts are perfect to wear casually at home. Your child will never feel any burden while wearing these shirts.


  • These shirts are childish and fashionable in style.
  • These shirts come with round neck that provide easy wearing experience.
  • These shirts are attire with long sleeves that are flexible and elastic.
  • These shirts can be wearable in different seasons.