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Korean children's short-sleeved T-shirt

Rice apricot

If your child shows attraction to cars or you want to make your child a car enthusiast then try this shirt at least one time. This shirt is enthralling and charismatic in design with an uncommon look.

You don’t need to worry about the wearing experience of this shirt as the shirt is made with cozy and robust material to provide your child with never-ending relaxation.

Cartoonish cars,the shirt is unique and unusual because of the childish and rough cars designed on its surface. These different color cars also evoke fancy and decorated vibes.

Suitability, this shirt is ideal, suitable, and reliable for your child to wear in different seasons but ideally wearing this shirt in summer will provide a courageous and intrepid look.

Harmonious surface, the overall material of this shirt is durable and flexible. Moreover, the surface of this shirt is silken and soft to provide your child a heavenly experience.



  • This shirt is popular and recognizable because of its memorable design.
  • This shirt is perfect for your child for long-term wear.
  • This shirt has flexible and elastic nature to provide maximum adjustability.
  • This shirt comes with a smooth inner lining.