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Korean Newborn Baby Clothes Princess Dress

Wine red
Korean powder

This Korean newborn dress will provide befitted and fitting experience to your child. Your child will never feel any burden in wearing this dress. This dress is dazzling and delightful in design.

Moreover, this dress comes with long sleeves that provide maximum support and protection to your arms.

Refined design,this dress comes with a beautiful and stylish design that not only provides a serene look but also makes it pleasant and livable. Moreover, the dress also has a small butterfly on its right side that looks super adorable and enhancing.

Hooded dress, this dress comes with an adjustable and adaptable hood that makes it even more functional. The hood is attire with straps to make it perfectly fit with your child. Moreover, the hood also has contrasting colors that look ravishing.

Silken surface, apart from the design, this dress is also reliable and sustainable. The velvety and soft surface of this dress adds a comfortable touch with inviting nature. The cozy surface will make your child closer to this dress.



  • This dress comes in contrasting and rich colors.
  • This dress is made with material that provides long-term support and durability.
  • This dress will make your child look like Princess because of its contrasting and fancy design.
  • This dress is suitable for your child to wear in different seasons.