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Cotton parent-child summer dress

Royal blue
Bleached white

Family is a blessing for everyone in this world and everyone wants to do everything to make the family happy. To add some happiness, we have designed parent-child summer dresses that are good-looking and stylish.

Furthermore, these dresses are made with thick and promising material that doesn’t let you experience any bad incident.

Dotted pattern,these dresses are designed with a decorative and seamless dotted pattern that looks eye-captivating and luxurious. Moreover, the design also evokes a courageous and enthusiastic feel.

Breathable fabric,  these dresses come with the fabric that allows the air to pass from it to provide you refreshing and viable experience. Additionally, these dresses are also reliable because of their airy nature.

Versatile designs, these dresses include male and female dresses that further divide into parent and children dresses. The female dresses are short skirts that look alluring and the makes dresses are also handsome in looking.


  • These dresses are dainty and lovely in design.
  • The dresses are suitable for your complete family to wear on different occasions.
  • The short skirts have a bow design that also provides befitted waist.
  • These dresses are suitable to wear in the summer season.

Main fabric composition:cotton