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Adjustable Laptop stand

Silver 2pcs
7 level
U2 Pro

Laptop adjustment and folding stand utilize magnetic operation, six alternate levels of adjusting according to one's own suitability. It provides bearing capacity due to its triangular support. In general, this stand supports you in work and cultivate good office habits.

✔ Multiple Level Angle Adjustment, laptop adjustment stand is designed with multiple levels of angle and suitable for all laptops. It fulfills the selection of height required by anyone.

✔ Ergonomic Design, it is easy to elevate your laptop height to get the coziest perspective position so as to avert back, neck, and wrist pain.

✔ Foldable and Portable, the folded size of the stand is very compatible and can be easily carried anywhere whether on a business trip or tour.

✔ A non-Slip, adjustable folding laptop stand is present to protect the device from sliding. And this also prevents scratching of the device while in use.                  



  • It provides you the most comfortable position of viewing laptop.
  • Its triangular support provides better bearing capacity.
  • It provides you exact posture you need while working on the laptop.
  • It is light and portable so can be easily carried to the workplace.
  • It has a multi-level adjustments option.