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Large size shoes with metal zipper


These large-size shoes are premium, sophisticated, and stunning. The design of the shoes is the latest and trendy with long-term practicality. You can wear these shoes on different occasions to evoke a trendy and luxurious feel.

Moreover, the shoes are the ideal choice for ladies who like premium and rich color designs.

Premium look,these shoes are enchanting and engaging with their whole new style. If you want to surprise your friends then it’s only possible by wearing these shoes.

Fit with feet,these shoes are comfortable and reliable in wearing. Moreover, the shoes have the ability to adapt according to your feet size and provides endless relaxation to your feet.

Promised quality,these shoes are made with high-quality fabric with durable and sustainable life to provide you enhanced experience. Moreover, the shoes are able to retain their premium look for a long-time without any change in a look.

 Star zip,these shoes come with a beautiful and shiny metallic zip that is stainless. Additionally, the small golden star is attached to switch the zip that looks so classy and dashing.



  • These shoes are crafted to provide you comfort.
  • these shoes have a beautiful and glamorous design.
  • These shoes are suitable to wear formally.
  • These shoes have a metallic zip for your ease.