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Long sleeve casual coat


Your child needs something that not only makes him beautiful and adorable but also provides a smooth and warm experience. For this, we are introducing a long sleeve casual coat with an eye-captivating design.

Moreover, this coat will provide an unforgettable and remarkable experience for your child.

High contrast, apart from the functionality, the thing that makes this coat more approachable and appealing its diversified design. The different tone colors make this coat more engaging and enticing.

Stitched bear, the plain and flat bear shape is stitched on the right side of this coat that makes it memorable and unique. This shape is abstract with the embossed effect that looks visible and dominating.

Portability, this coat comes with dual pockets to provide a portable experience to your child. Furthermore, these pockets can be used for different purposes according to the need.


  • This coat has an elastic and flexible neckline.
  • The sturdy and steady buttons of this coat provide a more reliable wearing experience to your child.
  • This coat is perfect to wear as a pullover on different outfits.
  • This coat has a stripe design on the wrists and neck that provides a more engaging experience.