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Leisure River Upstream Swimming Shoes

Dark blue

Introducing leisure river upstream wading shoes that are slim, active, and outstanding in shape. The style of the shoes is bold and memorable with a courageous vibe.

Moreover, the shoes are highly responsive to wear if you want a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

✔Sporty style,these shoes come in a fresh and charming style that looks astonishing. Moreover, the shoes are perfect to wear if you want to look dominant.

✔Stable strap, these shoes come with a sustainable and strong strap that provides a good grip to your feet. Additionally, the strap is elastic and robust to provide you a flawless and smooth experience.

✔A porous surface,these shoes have small holes in their surface that allow water to pass from them. Moreover, the holes provide a fresh and energetic vibe to your feet that results in a friendly experience.

✔Best for swimming,these shoes are highly applicable to wear while swimming. Moreover, these shoes have good elasticity to provide you a hassle-free experience. These shoes are breathable that will make your feet happy.



  • These shoes are active and intrepid in style.
  • These shoes are perfect for swimmers who are worried about their feet.
  • These shoes have adjusted straps to provide you friendly experience in wearing them.
  • These shoes come with a durable and breathable material that provides ease and flexibility.