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Long sleeve cotton round neck shirt

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6682 White
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6683 Wine Red
6682 Grey

This long sleeve cotton shirt is satisfactory and reasonable when it comes to design. The snug and restful feature of this shirt will force you to try it.

Additionally, wear this shirt in different gatherings to receive compliments from your friends, family, or colleagues.

Decent design,this shirt comes with a stylish and calm design that looks appealing. Moreover, the design of this shirt is dazzling and sleek to provide you a vigilant look.

Skinny sleeves, this shirt has flexible and slim sleeves with elongation. Moreover, these sleeves are perfectly fit with your arms and provide you a comfortable experience.

Silken lining, this shirt has a smooth and sleek inner lining that will make you feel more relaxed and reliable. Moreover, the warm lining will also provide safety in cold.

Narrow neck, this shirt has a stretchable and elastic neck which helps you to stay relaxed and independent. Additionally, the round neckline is adaptable with your neck.


  • This shirt has a stunning and delicate look.
  • This shirt is crafted on a vibrant theme.
  • This shirt is soft from the interior as well as from the exterior.
  • This shirt is best suitable with jeans, pants and trousers etc.