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Loose knit sweater


This loose-knit sweater is slenderized, garnishing, and embellishing. You can wear this sweater in winter to look attractive and eye-captivating.

Additionally, this sweater has a warm and smooth material which makes it more attractive and outrageous.

Hot in cold, this sweater is the perfect choice to wear in winter chilly days. Moreover, this sweater will make your personality look hot and sensual.

Cushy surface, this sweater has a fluffy and squishy texture that helps in warming your body. Furthermore, the texture also evokes a premium and luxury feel.

Beautiful buttons, the dazzling buttons on the sleeves of this sweater makes it more alluring and attractive. Further, these buttons are in a bright tone that creates a perfect contrast.

Apt on your body, this sweater can be perfectly fitted on your body because of stretchable material. Apparently, this sweater is slim to make you look smart and chic.


  • This sweater is a perfect match for those who want to grab someone’s attention.
  • This sweater is suitable to wear with tides, jeans and long skirts.
  • This sweater has a smooth inner lining.
  • This sweater is an ideal choice to wear in the winter season to look fashionable and to protect your body.