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Loose short pullover all-match V-neck sweater


This short pullover sweater is warm, intimate, and gentle. The style of this sweater is mere and bold with a sympathetic feel.

Furthermore, this sweater is perfect to wear on shirts, and also this sweater is matchable with different outfits.

Graceful style, this sweater is not so fancy or decorative yet modern and prevailing. Furthermore, the overall style of this sweater is perfect to wear on chilly night parties.

Cuddled texture, this sweater has a smooth and fluffy texture that looks so awful. Furthermore, the texture is sleek in touching and provides your body an endless comfort.

Malleable and springy wrist, this sweater has elastic and flexible wrists which makes the arms easy to manage. Furthermore, the stretchable wrist is not soo hard to create any compilation,

Friendly sweater, this sweater is loose and short that is perfect to wear on different outfits. Furthermore, the inner soft lining makes it more friendly with your body and provides you an endless relaxation.


  • This sweater is perfect to wear in different outfits.
  • This sweater doesn’t let you feel any cold in winter.
  • This sweater is made of high-quality cotton fabric that is endurable and substantial.
  • This sweater is bold, intrepid, and splendid in style