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Men's high neck bottoming shirt

Dark Grey


Enjoy a decorative and fancy feel by wearing this high neck bottoming shirt. This shirt is perfect to wear on chilly days to protect your body and to make yourself up-to-date and stylish.

Furthermore, this shirt is suitable to wear with jeans and pants to create a marvelous look.

Striped design,this shirt comes with a stripe design that looks attractive. Moreover, the stripes create a contrasting look because of their different colors.

Elastic and high neck, this bottoming shirt is distinctive from all other shirts because of its long neckline that looks superior and remarkable. Moreover, the high neck will provide you warm and cozy experience in cold. Your neck is going to feel an undeniable relaxation.

Floral vines, this shirt has multiple small floral designs on its surface that looks classy. Additionally, the floral design is prominent and visible to attain the attention of everyone.

Best for winter, you can wear this shirt in different seasons to look dashing and to protect yourself. But ideally, this shirt is perfect to wear in the winter season to retain your body warm and safe.


  • This shirt is charming, engaging, and beautiful.
  • This shirt is made with soft and snug fabric for undeniable comfort.
  • This shirt is perfect to wear in the cold season for protection and fashion.
  • This shirt is the latest in style with recognizability all over the world.