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Top Bottoming Shirt

W12 Grey
S18 Black
S20 Black
W12 Black
S20 Yellow
S18 White
S18 Yellow
S20 White
BS20 Black

This top bottoming shirt is absolute for men who want to look stylish and decking. The smooth lining with an attractive design enhances the beauty and reliability of this shirt.

Furthermore, this shirt is made with quality cotton that not only provides comfort but also durability.

Contrasting design,this shirt has a distinctive and unique design printed on it that looks so dashing. Moreover, the shirt also has printed letters on it that increases its visibility.

Elastic sleeves, this shirt has elastic sleeves from the end that will make it easy for you to adjust sleeves according to your choice. Furthermore, the overall shirt is slim and perfectly fit with your body.

Pliant nature, this shirt is elastic and flexible with a durable nature. Additionally, the shirt can easily be molded according to your body because of its elasticity.

Best match, this shirt is excellent to wear with tights, trousers or jeans. Besides all, wearing sneakers with this shirt will provoke an attractive and charming feel.


  • This shirt has a sleek, intimate, and stylish look.
  • This shirt comes with an endurable and everlasting material.
  • The shirt has a slim and fit nature to easily adjust with your body.
  • This shirt has a beautiful design printed on it.