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Men's velvet padded sweater

Dark green
Light Blue

The men’s velvet padded sweater is warm, devoted, and gentle. The style of this sweater is alluring and dashing with a sympathetic feel. You will feel a hassle-free experience by wearing this jacket.

Moreover, this sweater is matchable with multiple outfits and perfect to wear with jeans.

Graceful style, this sweater comes with a calm and distinctive design that provokes the utmost feel. Moreover, the style is recognizable all over the world and also in demand these days.

Adorning pattern, this sweater comes with a decorative and stable pattern that looks fantastic. Moreover, the pattern is designed in a stacked way to provoke professionalism.

Elastic sleeves, this sweater comes with elastic and stretchable sleeves that provide you friendly experience. Additionally, the sleeves end at a flexible strap that will provide a grip tp your wrist.

Affectionated, this sweater is flexible and soft with reliability and sustainability. Furthermore, you can wear this sweater for a long time without any difficulty.


  • This sweater is suitable to wear on different outfits.
  • This sweater doesn’t let you feel any cold in winter.
  • This sweater comes with a hood that is warm, cozy, and reliable.
  • This sweater is splendid and attractive in style.