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Natural Kyanite and Obsidian Crystal Bracelet

Gold obsidian

The natural kyanite and obsidian crystal bracelet are essential for those who want to look more confident and courageous. The glossy gemstone looks so adorable, inspiring, and also increases the overall beauty of this bracelet.

Furthermore, the sleek and skinny ring doesn’t make you feel any burden on your wrist.

✔Obsidian crystal, gemstones are usually rare and it is difficult to find a bracelet with a pure gemstone that looks real and beautiful. This bracelet is equipped with a Kyanite and Obsidian.

✔Affective bracelet, this bracelet is stylish and beneficial. The gemstones have certain benefits like the obsidian gem is popular for removing negativity and to provoke positivity and kyanite also increases your confidence level

✔Sleek and thin ring, this bracelet is not only furnished with beautiful gemstone but it also has a thin ring that boosts up the beauty of the whole bracelet.

✔Best to keep, this piece of jewelry accessory is great for women and girls and collectors to integrate jewelry case. Moreover, if you are a jewelry love than you must add this piece of the bracelet to your collection


  • This bracelet is not only beautiful but also functional
  • This bracelet has the capability to attain the attention of viewers
  • This bracelet can be used with jewelry to create a beautiful contrast
  • This bracelet is shiny and gloomy