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Long Sleeve Shirt Dress

Blue plaid
Messy red
Wine red
Khaki plaid
Squandered white
Squandering blue
Red grid

For those who are looking for something very popular and distinctive here is the shirt you’ll love. This long sleeve shirt is perfect for those who don’t like typical dresses and want something totally different.

Moreover, this dress is perfect to wear when going shopping or also suitable casually.

Alluring and desirable,the overall design of this shirt is so easy and dashing. Apart from that, wearing this shirt will make your personality more cute and seductive.

Button closure, this shirt has multiple buttons with which you can easily wear or remove this dress. Furthermore, the buttons will also provide a hassle-free experience.

Shirt with pockets, this shirt has two pockets that will carry your accessories like phone, wallet, etc. Furthermore, the pockets have buttons to secure and protect your accessories.

Multi-color tone, this dress comes with a beautiful and distinguish multi-color them that makes a plain pattern as well. Additionally, the multi-color pockets will make this dress more attractive and stylish.


  • This shirt has a gorgeous and calm color pattern.
  • This shirt has multiple buttons for reliability and adjustability.
  • This shirt comes with two pockets that make it portable.
  • This shirt enhances your living standard in terms of fashion.