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New pure color lady wristband handbag

Rose red

This new wrist bag with a fashionable Korean version is unique and special in its looking. The overall tone of the bag is beautiful and vigilant.

Moreover, it has an exceptional quality that it can be carried with your wrist. The material being used is also of high quality with a reliable and approachable style.

 Koren fashion, this bag is manufactured in Korean style, which is fashionable and up to date. The wallets being made in Korea are of permissible quality with a long-lasting experience.

Courageous tone bag, the design, and style of bag is astounding but one thing that makes it special is its spirited and energetic outlook that will boost your personality level

Wristband wallet,  this is not a typical bag to carry with your hand or shoulder, although it has a strap attached with its zip with which you can wear this bag on your wrist.

 Organizable compartments,although this bag has only one big pocket but the best thing is it’s organizable. The one pocket comes with different inside sections that you can use to carry your different things


  • This purse is designed in Korean fashion, which is prevalent throughout the world
  • This purse is long-lasting
  • This purse has a wristband to carry easily with comfort.
  • This wallet has one pocket with sections