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Women's loose and thin knitted cardigan


This loose and thin cardigan is purely sleek and sift with thin knitted material. The overall look of this cardigan is calm and peaceful.

Additionally, it’s the perfect choice for the ladies who want something cozy and simple.

Splendid pattern, this cardigan has an embroidered pattern that looks ornamental and decorative. Furthermore, this pattern is made of woolen thread that makes it more fluffy and snug.

Wooden style buttons, this cardigan has beautiful and shiny buttons that looks like a wooden material. Furthermore, these buttons are creating contrast with its rough and dull color theme.

Livable lining, this cardigan comes with a soft and cozy lining that not only looks promising but also provides a convenient and comfortable experience.

Thin-knitted, this cardigan is crafted with love and responsibility. The material being used s of high quality. Furthermore, this cardigan is made by interlocking loops of wool with a knitted technique.


  • This cardigan is perfect for ladies who don’t like too showy and stylish fashions.
  • This cardigan comes with long sleeves.
  • This cardigan is perfect to wear in the winter season to protect your body.
  • This cardigan is has a floral design with contrasting buttons that looks classy and modern.