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Operating room slippers

Mint Green
Lake blue
Royal blue
Light Blue
Shallow water green
Off white

Wear heavenly soft and relaxed slippers with endless comfort and reliability. These slippers are distinctive and uncommon with a lively design. The slippers are usually worn in medical places.

Moreover, these slippers are perfect to wear casually at home because of their utmost design and style.

✔The distinctive look,these slippers are not ordinary style slippers. Although, they are unique and diversified. The slippers come in a single-tone color that looks admiring.

✔Light-weight,these slippers are ultra-light in weight with practicality. Moreover, these slippers are easily cleanable because of their simple and plain design that also provides you ease.

✔Adjustable strap,these slippers come with a firm and light-weight strap that will provide support to your feet during walks. Moreover, the strap is firmly attached with slippers along with the help of small buttons.

✔Top-notch material,these slippers are crafted with a high-quality polymer material that is soft and stiff. Moreover, the sole of these slippers is also made with the same material that provides extra support to your feet.


  • These slippers are unique and stylish.
  • These slippers have small holes to make your feet fresh and energetic.
  • These slippers are airy in nature with durability.
  • These slippers are made with high-quality material that provides reliability as well as sustainability.