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Paneled hooded printed sweatshirt

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This paneled hooded printed sweatshirt is gentle, warm, and flexible. The overall design of this sweatshirt looks fancy and decorative.

Additionally, the hood increases the style and practicality of this sweatshirt. You can wear it in different seasons especially in cold.

Cheetah texture, this sweatshirt comes with a cheetah texture that looks distinctive and admirable. Moreover, the texture also evokes courageous and intrepid vibes.

Big compartment, this sweatshirt comes with a big and viable pocket that not only looks bold but also provides you a good space for carrying multiple accessories. Furthermore, you can carry your phone, cards, or other accessories in your pocket.

Full arm sleeves,this sweatshirt comes with long sleeves that not only cover your arms but also your hands. Moreover, the thumb holes are provided for easiness and comfort.

Half-zip, this sweatshirt comes with a half-zip that is good-looking and functional. Furthermore, the zip will help you to wear this sweatshirt easily without any complications.


  • This sweatshirt is perfect to wear casually in different seasons.
  • This sweatshirt has a beautiful pattern that grabs the attention of everyone.
  • The sweatshirt provokes luxury and a gorgeous feel because of its ornamental design.
  • This sweatshirt is endurable and sustainable.