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Plush bear ear headband


If you are looking for something to make your child happy and charming, then we recommend you to try this accessory for your baby girl. This bear ear headband will make your child enticing and enthralling.

Moreover, giving this headband as a gift to your child on her birthday is the perfect way to show your love to your child.

Bear ears,the headband is pretty and beautiful because of its cute look. Additionally, the thing that makes this headband more memorable and impressive is the bear ear design. Your child will look delightful by wearing this headband.

Woolen outlook, the headband is made with a plush material that is ultra-snug and soft in touch. Moreover, the wooly outlook of the headband makes it appealing and satisfying to everyone’s eye.

Weightless, as the headband is made with cozy material that not only provides relaxation but the material is also reliable. Furthermore, it also provides a soothing and serene experience to your child.



  • This headband is known for its functionality and workability.
  • This headband comes with an endearing look that provokes calm vibes.
  •                This headband will enhance the personality look of your child.
  • This headband allows maximum sustainability and reliability.