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Cross long sleeve waist short skirt


Experience an undeniable comfort and calmness by wearing this dress. The pure color short skirt is dashing, classy, and hot.

Moreover, the dress is the perfect choice to wear for a long time whether you’re planning to travel or going for a long drive.

Knitwear,  a knit dress that has multiple features. Furthermore, it’s easy to wear and easy to wash without any change in its quality.

Long sleeves, this dress comes with loose sleeves to provide you a smooth experience. Furthermore, the sleeves will make your arms independent to move wherever you want.

Perfect for traveling, this dress with its short skirt design and long sleeves is easy to wear for traveling. Furthermore, if you want a hassle-free experience for a long time then you should wear this dress for sure.

Polyester fabric, this dress is crafted with high-quality polyester material with an extra soft lining. Besides this, the polyester material is durable and resistible for a long time.


  • This dress is stylish with its V-shape sleeves design
  • This dress is made of reliable and delicate material to provide you extra comfort.
  • This dress is the perfect choice for ladies who want a relaxed experience.
  • This dress can be used casually or formally