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Pure silver water drop transparent CZ Ring




This pure silver water drop transparent ring comes in a heart shape. The overall look is opulent and sumptuous that attires a great look.

Moreover, this ring is suitable to wear on different occasions where you wanna look more dominant.

✔Twisted heart,this ring has a twisted heart design that makes it more approachable and unique on its own. Moreover, the heart style provokes love, care, and peace.

✔Pure silver material,this ring is crafted with high-quality material that not only makes this ring functional but also sustainable. Furthermore, the silver material makes it secure and protected for a long time.

✔Furnished with CZ,this ring is crafted with small cubic zirconia that is stacked evenly for a professional look. Additionally, these zirconia crystals are embedded in a ring firmly so that you can't face any difficulty in wearing this ring.

✔Simple and sophisticated,this ring is totally isolated from generic designs that are complex. Furthermore, it comes with a simple and slick shape that is perfect for your finger without any difficulty.


  • This ring is in heart shape with small zirconium cubes on it.
  • This ring is crafted with pure silver material that doesn't let the ring for being rusted and hence provides protection.
  • This ring is the perfect gift for the one whom you may love. 
  • This ring is light in weight and easy to wear because of its simplicity.