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Sterling silver necklace


This sterling silver necklace is the perfect choice for design aspirants and minimal lovers. This necklace attires a symbolical and memorable style.

Moreover, if you want to adopt the latest style, then this necklace is the perfect choice for you. The material being used in this necklace is of good quality.


Enticing style, this necklace has an admirable and dazzling design. Furthermore, the style provokes a simplistic and remarkable look.

Double wrapped necklace, the feature that makes this necklace stand apart is its long chain with a small stud. Additionally, you can wrap this necklace double dual time along your neck.

Exceptional quality, this necklace is made with high-quality material that lasts longer. Moreover, the silver sterling material provokes a shiny look that makes it even more fashionable.

Fitted fashion, as the necklace is according to the latest trends and fashions so it will perfectly match with the latest designer outfits.



  • This necklace is made with high-grade silver
  • This necklace can be a perfect gift for your loved one.
  • The necklace is unique, simple and eye-catchy
  • This necklace has a long chain that helps you to fit the necklace according to your comfort.