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Simple and versatile Leather Shoulder Handbag


For mothers, space is everything when it comes to bags. This simple and versatile shoulder bag has enough space to carry your all needs.

Moreover, the bag is made with PU leather that is bright and long-lasting.

Gleamy and shimmery look, the finish of this bag is fine and glossy. It provides a luxurious outlook. Moreover, the gleamy and polishes finish will attract everyone towards you

Leather material,this bag is made with PU leather that provides sustainability. Moreover, the color of the bag also evokes the quality of material

Accommodating bag, this bag has a giant space with multiple rooms to carry your each and everything. Moreover, the small purse will also help to carry your mobile, cards, or money.

Bag in a bag, this bag comes with another small bag in it. The small bag also has separate and clear zip to make you organize everything decently


  • This bag flourishes a dazzling and shining outlook
  • The straps of this bag can be adaptable
  • This bag has multiple compartments with sections
  • This bag can be a perfect gift for your mother on her anniversary or on her birthday