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Solid Color Catwalk Shoes

Green 10CM
Black 13cm
Grey 10CM
Grey 13cm
Green 13cm
Black 10CM

Try these solid color catwalk shoes for an adorable and admiring look. The shoes are made with a beautiful and classy look along with high-end durability.

To summarize, if you’re next to the trendy and lastest design then try these shoes for sure.

✔Plain design,these shoes come with a single tone solid color that looks bold and intrepid. Moreover, the plain design makes it more fashionable and admirable.

✔Vigorous,these shoes are crafted with a sturdy material that assures longevity. Moreover, the straps of these shoes are also flexible and strong to provide you good grip with sustainability.

✔Stainless buckle,these shoes come with a high-quality metallic buckle that provides durability. Moreover, the buckle is polished and coated so that you’ll never face any scar or stain on its surface.

✔Open mouth,these shoes are fish mouth that provides you a comfortable and convent experience. Moreover, the fish mouth will never let you feel any difficulty while walking.


  • These catwalk shoes provide ease during walking
  • These shoes have elastic and durable straps
  • These shoes can be wearable with multiple outfits.
  • These shoes are attractive and remarkable in design.