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Spatula Holder Kitchen Shelf Spoon Mat Chopsticks

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Whenever we are cooking there is no specific places to put the spoons and spatulas. If you feel the same then we have this amazing spatula holder kitchen shelf for spoon mats chopsticks.

Environment friendly, This spatula holder is environment friendly, Moreover, the shelf mat is strong and durable, and are made up of PP material that adds color and a fresh look to your kitchen.

Storage friendly,   The spatula holder can be stored easily. Additionally, it comes with a hanger. You can hang it anywhere in your kitchen, it takes less space because it is small and compressed.

Enhance tidiness, You can use this spatula holder to prevent oil spillage, dipping sauces, or liquid soaking from cooking utensils,  helping with a clean countertop.

Easy to handle, It comes with a hanging hook which makes it easy to install. you can also place it near your stove.



  • It can hold four items at a time.
  • It is easy to use and saves you from using extra utensils for holding spoons.
  • It is designed to catch drips spilling from the spoons and ladles.
  • It is totally heat resistant and can be kept near the stove.
  • It covers less space and can be installed or hanged anywhere.
  • It is applicable to any shape and size of the kitchen utensil.