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Baby water cup


This baby water cup helps you to easily make your baby drink water or any other liquid. The attractive design of this water cup will make your child used too with it.

Moreover, this baby water cup is made with high-quality plastic material that is harm-free and durable.

Cute design,the thing that makes your child attract with this water cup is its astonishing and ravishing design. The cartoon character designed on the transparent surface of this water cup makes it more prominent and beautiful.

Safe pacifier, the transparent pacifier of this water cup is user-friendly and protective. Moreover, the pacifier is also adjustable and changeable with the time to reduce the risk of any harm to your child. The straw also provides a good and easy drinking experience to your child.

Easy to grab, this baby water cup comes with dual handles that make it super easy to carry by your baby. Furthermore, the handles are firmly attached to the cup to provide you long-term durable experience.


  • This baby water cup is safe and protective for your child.
  • This baby water is transparent and light in weight so that your child can easily carry it.
  • This baby water cup is beautifully designed to attire an attractive look.
  • This baby water cup is temperature resistant and also has the ability to be sterilized.