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Fashion Leisure Handbag Leather Backpack


This fashion leisure handbag leather backpack is known for its style, durability, and space. It has all the features and characteristics that a perfect bag must-have. It is the resistant, polished look and above it is according to the latest design bags.

Litchi texture, this backpack has a litchi texture with long term sustainability. Furthermore, it is made with high-end quality material to provide you endless results.

Resistible, this bag is resistible against multiple factors it has the ability to protect your things inside.

High-grade zipper, this bag has a durable and high-quality zip that increases the beauty of this bag. Apart from that, the zip is rust free with smooth opening and closing

Rigid top handle, along with adjustable strap the bag has a top handle that is strong to carry bag when it is full of different things, Moreover, the handle os gentle and has good grip along with your hand


  • This bag is rich in design
  • This bag is easy to carry
  • This bag is to carry your laptop, tablet, or mobile
  • This bag has a smooth and attractive texture