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Slim Off Shoulder Mid Length Dress


This slim off shoulder mid-length dress is the ideal piece for those who want something fashionable yet lit. This dress has short sleeves with a short skirt style.

Shortly, you would never regret wearing this dress because of its simplicity with reliability.

Slick and silky,unlike heavy and complex dresses this dress is customized in a sophisticated theme. Moreover, this dress is perfect to wear outside on a sunny day.

Slim shoulder style, this dress has short sleeves that make you feel comfortable. Furthermore, the slim shoulders will give freedom to your arms for doing anything without any complexity.

Monoline Pattern, this dress has a beautiful and bold monoline pattern on its neck that makes it more appealing and attractive. Moreover, the pattern enhances the overall style of this dress and makes it more fashionable.

Top-notch material usage, this dress is crafted with a high-quality polyester that makes your clothes endurable and sustainable for the long term usability.


  • This dress is in a short skirt style that is more enchanting and enthralling.
  • This dress is perfect to wear on different places like beaches, parties, or even at summer parties.
  • This dress is distinctive with its dazzling pattern.
  • This dress is slight in weight with a high-end material usage.