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Round Bead Early Learning Shape Cognitive Educational Toy

Winding beads
Trailer winding beads

This cognitive educational toy is slick and gleaming in look. The decorative designs provoke a modern and contrasting feel. Your child will love to play with his new toy.

Additionally, the wooden material of this toy provokes sturdy and strong vibes.

Round beads,the small beads of this educational toy look majestic and marvelous. The striking design of these beads provokes modern and contrasting vibes. Moreover, the beads are painted with material that is safe and protective.

Learn and play, we have designed this toy in a way that your child will not only play with it but also learn multiple things like focus, concentration, self-thinking, and much more. With these qualities, we highly recommend you try this for your child.

Relationship, this educational toy will provide your kid a pleasant experience. Ideally, it helps the child and the parents to play together and thus creating a relationship that's more strong between the child and parents.




  • This educational toy will increase your intelligence level.
  • The education toy provides a beautiful and charming design that provokes artistic vibes.
  • The wood material provides a nature-friendly experience.
  • This educational toy evokes a shining and gleaming look.