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Men's Korean knit Sweater

Light Grey
Dark Grey

This Korean knit sweater is fluffy, decking, and embellishing. You would never see such a soft and cozy style sweater ever. The sweater will not only protect you from cold but also make you stylish.

Additionally, this sweater comes with a warm and smooth material that is also endurable.

Sophisticated design, apart from the functionality, this sweater also has a simplistic and minimal design that looks inspiring. Moreover, the style of this sweater provokes peaceful vibes.

Cushy surface, this sweater has a feathery and squishy texture that looks appealing and grab the eye of everyone instantly. Additionally, this texture evokes calmness and smoothness.

Hooded sweater, to provide you more reliability and sustainability, this sweater comes with a hood that is also warm and snug. Moreover, the hood will protect you from the breezing air.

Knit sweater, this sweater is made with a knitted material that provides an elastic and flexible experience. Moreover, the knitted weather is known for its quality and functionality.


  • This sweater is simplistic and minimalist.
  • This sweater is suitable to wear as a pullover on different outfits.
  • This sweater has a smooth and cozy inner lining.
  • This sweater is an ideal choice to wear in the winter season to look fashionable and to protect your body.