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Electronic toy puppy


This new electric toy puppy evokes a slick and sophisticated design along with reliability. The small design of this electric toy puppy looks admiring and astonishing.

Moreover, the electric toy puppy comes with a battery that provokes a modern and clean look.

Satin style,the fluffy and dough nature of this electric toy puppy looks silken and smooth. Moreover, the hairy design makes this puppy more special and cute. Your child is going to love his new puppy.

Glasses design, to make this electric toy more special and remarkable, the glasses can also be provided. These glasses are dark in shades that provoke cool and dazzling vibes.

 Plush material, this electric toy is crafted with plush material that provides a long-lasting and endurable experience. Additionally, the plush material is recognizable and popular all over the world because of its practicality and functionality.



  • This electronic toy is calm and bold in design with an admiring look.
  • The battery of the electric toy provides a friendly experience.
  • This electronic toy is suitable for your child who wants something unique.
  • The electronic toy is less in weight with long-term durability.
  • The electronic toy can be the best gift on the birthday of your child.