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Fly Woven Mesh Breathable Shoes

Black and white
Black gray

These fly woven mesh breathable shoes are slick and functional. They are most likely to be wear for outdoor activities and for athletes who are looking for a customized design that never goes out of style. Thus, this is the perfect choice for you.

Long-lasting stylish,usually every shoe goes trendy for a specific time and then their trend finish after some time but shoes like these are used throughout the year because of their endurable style and non-trendy nature. They are useable for years and years without being worn-out.

Extra cushion,these shoes are made with extra cushion to provide you comfortable experience with a fluffy and alluring feel. They are well compatible with everyday clothes and outfits

Trail walk, these sneakers have a durable and sturdy sole with elasticity to be worn on rocky tracks on uneven surfaces without any complications to your feet. These shoes are perfect for athletes.

No weight at all, these shoes are made to perform heavy duty work and for this, they are made with top-notch quality and with less weight to provide easiness to your feet and to make your feet stable.



  • Perfect when it comes to functionality
  • Suitable to be wear with different outfits
  • Ideal to wear for running, hiking
  • Stiff sole with less weight